6 questions you should ask before adopting a new media intelligence solution

Steve West

In order to ensure success when choosing a new media intelligence solution, it’s important to discuss new tech investments with all departments that may have a special interest in your chosen product.

Use the below questions to plan how PR, marketing and any other departments or teams will use media intelligence and monitoring:

Who in your company will use media intelligence?

Go beyond departments and think about individuals. From media analysts to SVPs of Communications, marketers to consumer insights teams, a bevvy of roles can benefit from media intelligence. Make sure you’ve given each potential user a voice in the selection process.

How can you incorporate cross-channel communications into your tactics?

The best media intelligence solutions can track every paid and earned mention of your brand across TV, digital and social. Once you’ve got eyes on all mentions or occurrences of your brand, measuring and analyzing the results of cross-channel campaigns is a cinch.

What are your current benchmarks and data points by which you measure PR success?

Whether you have defined benchmarks, or leave it to ballpark estimates, it’s important to recognize how you currently measure success in order to improve and pivot your strategy. Then, you can begin presenting concrete facts and figures from your PR initiatives rather than arbitrary data points.

What are your current KPIs, and how can you show each department’s value?

While the ability to demonstrate ROI may top the list of KPIs for PR and comms folks, consumer insights teams more likely advocate for faster reporting and data visualization. It’s critical that you understand how each team and specific role views and measures their value, and how media intelligence can contribute to continued improvement.

What are some short-term goals that can be achieved with media intelligence?

Goal setting is an essential step when implementing any new technology, and executives will want to know what you hope to achieve. Short-term goals can help quickly demonstrate that your investment was worthwhile as you set forth to achieve bigger things.

What are some long-term goals that can be achieved with media intelligence?

Your long-term goals should align with the major pains you were planning to eradicate with a media intelligence solution. Were you in need of reporting PR ROI, or looking to no longer manually report your campaign results? Whatever it is you’re hoping to improve, your long-term goals should show that you are ready to fully prove PR’s worth.

If you’re beginning to shape your thinking around implementing a new technology soon, get in touch with our team. We’d be happy to answer any questions for you as you forge ahead towards media intelligence.

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